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Bel-Air: Every Soundtrack Explored

The music during a film or TV show can often make or break the ultimate product because the choice of songs can add just the correct feeling to every scene or a specific era. That’s especially poignant in Peacock’s newest series, Bel-Air, which re-tells the story of Hollywood legend Will Smith and his move from Philadelphia to la that became the main focus of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

While the initial Fresh Prince series occurred within the 1990s, this new Bel-Air series is ready in modern-day America which is reflected within the song choice within the series’ soundtrack.

Bel-Air Release Date And Plot

Bel-Air touched down on Peacock within the US on Sunday, February 13th with new episodes now streaming each Thursday. Starring Jabari Banks as a fictionalised version of Will Smith, the series could be a modern re-telling of the legendary sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series follows a 16-year-old Will Smith as he’s forced to depart his aim Philadelphia and abide his wealthy aunt and uncle. A fish out of water, Will must quickly adapt if he’s to thrive in his new surroundings.

Bel-Air Soundtrack Explored

Much like the first series and can Smith’s career, Bel-Air encompasses a close relationship with music and is packed with toe-tapping tracks as a result. The songs that feature in Bel-Air’s soundtrack are-

Episode 1 Dreams and Nightmares

  • NO ROLE MODELZ by J. Cole
  • WHAT WE DO Freeway feat. JAY-Z and Beanie Sigel
  • BASIC by SimxSantana feat & Fivio Foreign
  • HUNTIN by SimxSantana
  • DEJA VU by Easy McCoy feat. TYuS
  • THEM CHANGES by Thundercat
  • MONEY POWER RESPECT by Childish Major
  • A LOT by 21 Savage feat. J. Cole
  • L.A. by Amaru Son
  • HOT N***A by Bobby Shmurda
  • MINI VAN by Amaru Son
  • TELEPORT 2 ME, JAMIE by WZRD feat. Desire
  • DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES (INTRO) by Meek Mill feat. Paloma Ford

Episode 2 Keep Ya Head Up

  • INFINITY FLOW by Emmanuel Martin
  • 22 AND CONFUSED by Johnny 2 Phones
  • TELLY by Amindi RHYTHM (DEVOTED TO THE ART OF MOVING BUTTS) by A Tribe Called Quest 
  • OUT THE MUDD by Yung Major and B Sound Beatz 
  • DO MY THING by Erika de Casier
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR by Moneybagg Yo

Episode 3 Yamacraw

  • I’M THE ONE by Tommy Will and Nathan Fields
  • ELECTRIC RELAXATION by A Tribe Called Quest
  • DKN THE HTE by Cady
  • IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN by that child CG

Episode 4 Canvas

  • HOT BOY by Lil Bam
  • AMAZING by Angelo Rosario Brillante, Jon Conciatori and Wesley Allen Williams 
  • NEVER GONNA STOP by Two Hidden Labs feat. DEVMO 
  • KEEP UP by Matthew Bento
  • NO MAN’S LAND by Melvoni

Episode 5 PA to LA

  • WE GETTIN IT by KikBak and Rick Vega
  • GET ON MY LEVEL by KikBak and Enimeezy
  • WAR & WONDERS by D Smoke 
  • GET IT EVERYTIME by SPKILLA, Julio Ceez & Antom




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