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Black Ocean meaning For K-Pop Explained

The K-pop world has its own terms and ways of appreciating a k-pop group acting on stage like the one that’s called the Black Ocean. Well, if you’re a diehard k-pop fan then you certainly must be knowing about the term Black Ocean and the way it affects performance. But just in case you’re clueless about it. Kpop black ocean

Then here we are to form you understand the meaning Black Ocean holds within the k-pop world. Read ahead to grasp more about the Black Ocean and its meaning within the k-pop world. 

Black Ocean And Its Rerence To The K-pop World

You might have seen k-pop groups growing fashionable the passage of your time and so having a light-weight stick of their own for the fans. Which fans use once they attend a concert of that group. What fans does the most effective with this light stick is that they turn it on when their favorite group is performing. This is often done as an act of support for the k-pop group. When fans activate the sunshine stick during a performance during a concert.

The ocean of sunshine among the fans could be a delight to look at. It’s an act of support for the k-pop groups. But that’s not all the other happens too after they shut down the sunshine stick during a group’s performance. Because point out their lack of support. Which creates Black Ocean among the audience.

Black Ocean within the k-pop world thus means the a part of the audience that shows an absence of support. During a performance by turning off their light stick.

When Does The Black Ocean Occur?

Usually when a bunch audience isn’t supporting a k-pop group or its performance then just one can witness a black ocean among the audience. This site is usually seen in concerts where over one k-pop group is performing.

Sometimes, it’s going to ensue to a scarcity of interest within the performance of the group. Or sometimes it’s an act by the opponent group’s fans. Where they willingly shut down their light persist with create a black ocean. Within the k-pop world, there are several instances where the black ocean occurred.

Which K-pop Groups Have Faced The Black Ocean?

Though of these within the k-pop black ocean seem to be a standard things. However, both oceans of sunshine and therefore the black ocean do affect the performance of a k-pop group. In fact, there are many such k-pop groups where that saw a black ocean during their performance at events.

One of them was Girls Generation, where during their performance within the year 2008. They saw a dark sea during their exhibition at the Dream show. Little inquiry there have been other k-pop gatherings to perform at the occasion as well.

In 2015, even Seventeen had such an experience of a black ocean during their performance for MAMA Awards. BTS too had to face a kpop black ocean during Melon Music Awards. Where the enthusiasts of Exo bunch as retribution switched off their light stick for BTS.

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