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Can you reverse infertility caused by endometriosis? 

Popularly referred to as ‘chocolate cyst’, endometriosis diagnosis takes a protracted time – almost a decade. Thereby affecting the standard of women’s life immensely because it may be a health condition within which the liner of the uterus. Referred to as the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the vagina, the cervix or perhaps on the bladder or rectum.

A number of the common symptoms noticed in women researching this disorder includes immensely painful periods with pelvic. Also lower back pain, pain during or after intercourse, excessive bleeding, digestive problems, painful urination, fatigue, depression or anxiety.

It also cause abdominal bloating and nausea but since women aren’t much awake to the condition, there’s a delay in diagnosis of it. So it will suffer from poor quality of life. One with endometriosis has got to watch out and hear the recommendation given by the doctor. This condition has many misconceptions regarding to it.

In an interview Dr Karishma Dafle, Fertility Consultant at Pune’s Nova IVF Fertility, shared, “Endometriosis is linked with difficulty. In becoming pregnant or infertility but women can get pregnant with the assistance of surgery or perhaps fertility treatments. Certain procedures like IVF or egg freezing are going to be a boon for girls diagnosed with endometriosis”.

For those affected by endometriosis and getting to fulfil their dream of getting a baby, Dr Karishma Dafle advised. “It is feasible to get pregnant with this condition. Although it’s going to not be that easy. There are a majority of ladies who will find it challenging to conceive naturally after having endometriosis.

It is necessary for the egg to travel from one’s ovary via the oviduct. And so to the uterus so as to induce fertilized before implanting into one’s uterine lining. Having endometriosis won’t allow the eggs to travel the uterus”. She added, “Endometriosis causes inflammation within the body.

It results in the scarring of ovaries and fallopian tubes. And blocks them or perhaps impacts the functioning of the tubes. It damages the egg and keeps you removed from getting pregnant.

Laparoscopy will be wiped out order to detect endometriosis. A biopsy called an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test. It will allow the doctor to test the patient’s remaining egg supply or ovarian reserve. Surgery can improve one’s fertility. Or one can even consult a fertility specialist when it involves ART treatments”.

Elaborating on egg freezing, Dr Karishma Dafle suggested, “Before choosing this procedure, in unmarried females with severe endometriosis. A lady will must get blood tests in serious trouble fitness for egg retrieval procedure. Then woman are going to be injected to stimulate the expansion of eggs within the ovaries.

The eggs are collected during a procedure requiring a general anesthesia and so eggs are frozen. When a girl wants to become pregnant, the eggs are thawed and fertilized by injecting sperm into the egg (ICSI).” Explaining about IVF or in vitro fertilization, she revealed that it “helps a girl to conceive with severe endometriosis. 

It works by employing a combination of medicines and surgical procedures to assist sperm fertilize an egg so fertilized embryo is implanted within the uterus for conceiving.” For intrauterine tge sperm is directly placed into women’s uterus IUI or insemination. IUI helps females with mild to moderate endometriosis to conceive. So, just speak to your fertility expert regarding what is going to offer you the most effective results.



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