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Craig Wright claiming himself as a owner of Bitcoin

The computer scientist who claims he invented Bitcoin wins major court case. Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system with a market capitalization of around $913.1 billion as of December 2021.

Bitcoin’s stratospheric rise since 2009 has created a surprising and diverse set of millionaires. These millionaires have made money by creating products to grow Bitcoin’s still-nascent ecosystem. The absence of regulatory guardrails and therefore the cryptocurrency’s price volatility by attracting investors. Since each individual’s situation is exclusive ,professional must always be consulted before making any financial decisions.
A Florida jury found that Craig Wright failed to owe 1.1 million Bitcoin to the family of David Kleiman, who was his business partner.
Man claiming to be Bitcoin creator wins civil case over his cryptocurrency fortune.
Craig Wright, a computer user who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, prevailed in a very civil trial verdict Monday against the family of a deceased business partner that claimed it had been owed half a cryptocurrency fortune worth tens of billions.

A jury rejected claims that Craig Wright’s former business partner was due half of the assets. A Florida jury found that Wright did not owe half 1.1 million Bitcoin to the family of David Kleiman. The jury did award $100 million in material possession rights to a venture between 2 men, a fraction of what Kleiman’s lawyers were looking forward at trial.

“This was an amazing victory for our side,” said Andres Rivero of Rivero Mestre LLP, the lead lawyer representing Wright.

David Kleiman died in April 2013 at the age of 46. Led by his brother Ira Kleiman, his family has claimed David Kleiman and Wright were close friends and co-created Bitcoin through a partnership.

At the middle of the trial were 1.1 million Bitcoin, worth approximately $50 billion supported Monday’s prices. These were among the primary Bitcoin to be created through mining and will only be owned by someone or entity involved the digital currency from its beginning — like Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now the cryptocurrency community are going to be looking to determine if Wright follows through on his promise to prove he is the owner of the Bitcoin. Doing so would lend credence to Wright’s claim, first made in 2016, that he is Nakamoto.

The case tried in tribunal in Miami was highly technical, with the jury taking notes of explanations of the intricate workings of cryptocurrencies in addition because the murky origins of how Bitcoin came to be. Jurors took a full week to deliberate, repeatedly asking questions of lawyers on each side furthermore because the judge on how cryptocurrencies work additionally becaus the accounts between two men. At one point the jurors signaled to the judge that they were deadlocked.




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