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Everything To Know About Donald Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ App

Former US President Donald Trump is making a return to social media. But this point around, he’s launching the platform himself.

Trump is banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook. Because after doinghis supporters stormed the US Capitol. So for prompting him to make Truth Social.

The new social media platform encourages “free and open conversation”. Also it can reportedly act as a rival site against online giants like Twitter. So we break down everything that you just must fathom Truth Social. Including a way to join, what quantity it’ll cost, and speculation around accessibility on Android devices.


Donald Trump launched the new upcoming social media ‘Truth Social’. It is set to give a rivalry to other mainstream websites. Judging by the few images that are released of the platform. The layout appears strikingly the same as that of Twitter, which Trump was permanently banned from.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Trump already having an account on this platform. It is to be consistent with a screenshot posted by his son Donald Jr. “Time for a few Truth!!!”. He wrote about the response for new Truth Social. He said “Get ready. Your favorite president will see you soon”.

How To Join Truth Social ?

Truth Social was originally imagined to launch towards the top of February. But in keeping with Time, the release date has been pushed back to late March. To join the platform ready for the launch, you’ll have to join up to the roster. It is accessible on Truth Social’s website. It’s expected that, when it does finally launch, those on the roster will then be invited to the platform.

As per Daily Dot, it’s unengaged to join Truth Social’s roll. But it’ll apparently cost you if you would like to order a username. The identical outlet reports that, so as to order a username on the platform, you have got to form a donation to NRSC. So the donation may be anywhere from $1 and upwards.

Is TRUTH SOCIAL App is Available For Android ?

We already know that Truth Social is out there on Apple’s app store. But there’s plenty of speculation surrounding the accessibility of the platform for Android users. Truth Social app is not available on Google Play. Because it is promoting trump fans so to complain. So the Trump fans are talking about to give an app a particular platform for Android.



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