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Everything To Know About Hasbulla Magomedov

One of the foremost famous internet stars within the world at once is Hasbulla Magomedov. If you spend lots of your time on TikTok, you certainly will have stumble upon the teenager. He has become a worldwide meme. His hilarious skits, infectious laugh, tiny height and obsession with MMA. This all things make him one amongst the funniest social media stars around. Where is he from? Read on to search out out more about him…


Hasbulla may be a social media star from Dagestan, Russia. Dagestan may be a republic of Russia situated within the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe. It is that the region between the Black Sea on the west and also the Caspian Sea on the east. Bordered by Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia, Dagestan isn’t its own country. It’s a part of Russia and is under Vladimir Putin’s decree 2022. He lives in Makhachkala which is that the largest city of the Republic of Dagestan. It is located on the eastern coast.

Know All About Hasbulla

The 19 year old began posting videos on Instagram in November 2020. It quickly took over the globe. He started off making pranks and spoof videos about MMA. Now he contains a staggering two million followers. Hasbulla is additionally big on TikTok, with 714,000 followers on the video-sharing platform. The teen is well-known within the MMA world and is commonly seen training with famous fighters like Dagestani Khabib Nurmagomedov. He recently challenged Logan Paul to fight him. Also just claimed that he’s in talks with Dana White for a possible fight.

Short Height, Big Fame

Despite being a late teenager, Hasbulla is just around three foot tall. He has never confirmed the rationale for his height, but it’s expected that he contains a style of dwarfism. TikTok-famous doctor Dr Karan Raj once did a video about Hasbulla. Within which he guessed that the teenager features a condition called internal secretion deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency, also sometimes called dwarfism. This is a rare disorder caused by insufficient amounts of human growth hormone within the body. So this often ends up in people having a brief stature with normal body proportions.




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