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Everything To Know About Peaky Blinders Season 6

Finally the Peaky Blinders has arrived with the final season of the series. It is after almost three years. New installments are set to point out audiences the aftermath of season 5 events.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted filming schedules that were thanks to be dispensed in 2020. Fans of the show will another time be ready to see. It is through the lens of the beloved Shelby family and find out deity of certain characters.

How Many Episodes Are In Peaky Blinders Season 6?

In line with every other season, the Peaky Blinders’ sixth instalment will accommodates six episodes. The first episode of the series named ‘Black Day’ is aired on 27 February 2022. On 9 pm in BBC One. 

Each of the subsequent episodes will air consecutively on Sunday evenings. Following their release date, they’ll be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.


Following the events of season 5. A substantial amount of your time has passed for Tommy Shelby. Also the Peaky Blinders as audiences are transported to 1933, the start of a brand new series. ‘Black Day’ is titled as first episode of the season 6. We see Tommy venture to North America where the tip of Prohibition brings about new opportunities for the Peaky Blinders. Also some considerable danger.

Following his failed suicide attempt in season 5, Tommy developed a brand new lease always. It has stopped drinking alcohol, something that may alter his innate gangster attitude and perception. Helen McCrory, who played family matriarch, Polly Gray, passed on to the great beyond. Following a cancer battle before filming commenced, and her absence from the season is quickly explained. Following his betrayal in season 5, Michael Gray is one among the Peaky Blinders’ chief targets. Within the new instalment while the massacre at Oswald Mosley’s rally still lingers heavily on Tommy’s mind.


Peaky Blinders creator, Steven Knight, revealed. That while he originally intended for there to be a seventh season. COVID-19 changed these plans. Also the show will come to an in depth at the top of season 6. He revealed to Variety, that the Shelby family’s story will instead wrap with a movie.

He said: “COVID came along, and that we lost a year of production. So we put our heads together and thought that it might be an honest idea to try to. To a movie rather than doing series seven”. He explains the project is currently in development and already incorporates a clear beginning, middle, and end. Knight also mentions the film will propose further opportunities for television shows to return from its events.



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