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How Does Ser Criston Cole Die In The House Of The Dragon?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon*

Since House of the Dragon’s first episode, Ser Criston Cole has grown from a bit-part player into a key figure within the world of Westeros.

However, because the series could be a prequel set 200 years before Game of Thrones, we all know that each character we meet goes to die eventually.

But what is going to become of Criston Cole in House of the Dragon and the way does he die within the books?

Criston Cole’s Story In House Of The Dragon

So far Criston Cole may be a lowborn knight who is that the son of a steward for House Dondarrion within the Dornish Marches. Over the years, Cole has slowly climbed his far the ladder of society, first becoming a knight then being welcomed. Into the Kingsguard by Rhaenyra Targaryen as he was the sole contender to own seen combat.

House of the Dragon

He and Rhaenyra are close throughout the series and in recent episodes, have grown a bit too close. And it is with the pair engaging in some steamy nighttime activities. The ever-noble Ser Criston feels incredibly guilty about the night of passion. As he made an oath of chastity and offered to marry Rhaenyra and elopes. Along with her to the Free Cities of Essos, a proposal she rejected.

After implying that Cole was aware of his and Rhaenyra’s relationship. Joffrey Lonmouth was killed in the final moments of episode 5 by Cole snapping and beating him.

Criston Cole Features A Huge Role To Play

As the final moments of episode 5 tease, Ser Criston is about to play an enormous role within the next chapters of this story. After being rejected by Rhaenyra, he begins to support Queen Alicent Hightower and following the death of Ser Harrold Westerling, he’s promoted to Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

House of the Dragon

When King Viserys eventually passes away, Criston and other supporters of Alicent’s son, Aegon, work to determine that he’s crowned king before news of Viserys’s death reaches Rhaenyra. Aegon II himself receives the crown after Criston’s victory, earning him the moniker “Kingmaker”. Later in Aegon II’s rule, the king loses patience with his current Hand of the King.

Also his grandfather Otto Hightower, and chooses Criston Cole instead, elevating him to the second-ranking post among the Seven Kingdoms.

How Does Criston Cole Die?

During the Targaryen war, called the Dance of the Dragons, Criston sides with Aegon II and therefore the greens, named after the green dress Alicent wore in episode 5, signifying the colors of House Hightower.

Criston marched on the fortress of Harrenhal with 4,000 green soldiers, desperate to take it back from Daemon Targaryen, who supported Rhaenyra’s blacks (named for the colors of House Targaryen).

However, when Cole’s forces arrived, Daemon had flown away on his dragon to assist with Rhaenyra’s ongoing attack on King’s Landing. In response, Criston marched his troops back south to fulfill up with a number of Hightower soldiers but the blacks had destroyed villages and soiled waterways along the route to prevent Criston’s troops from resupplying.

House of the Dragon

Eventually, Criston’s surviving forces were met by a military of thousands of blacks as they approached Blackwater Rush on the road to King’s Landing. To save the lives of his troops, Criston offered to capitulate, but this was rejected.

Cristo Cole dies after his opponents ordered their archers to fireplace upon him and he was killed after being struck by three arrows while many his men died within the battle which became referred to as the Butcher’s Ball.

House of the Dragon is airing weekly on HBO within the US and on Sky within the UK after premiering on August 21 and 22 respectively..

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