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How To Fix The Error Of Instagram Posts Not Sharing To Facebook

Over the past week, many Instagram users are reporting errors with the sharing to Facebook feature. As Instagram and Facebook are both owned by the identical company, Meta, the platform includes a nifty feature. That automatically shares posts to your Facebook feed. It’s a good tool meaning you will share the identical photo on both platform quickly and simply. Also it’s employed by innumerable users across the world. However, Instagram posts don’t appear to be uploading to Facebook

as was common in the week. And users can’t understand why. If this can be happening to you, determine a way to fix it below.

Instagram Posts Not Sharing To Facebook

Lots of Instagram users are taking to Twitter over the past few days. To complain that their Instagram posts aren’t sharing to Facebook. After posting their Instagram photo, people are reporting that the image isn’t sharing to Facebook in any respect. And isn’t visible anywhere on their profile.

One person wrote: “Anyone having sharing issues from #instagram to #facebook after I post on Instagram my posts. Always share to my Facebook. This morning, it’s not doing so. I have checked my settings, changed passwords, tried again & it did nothing.” 

“Same, any update?” another replied whilst a 3rd user added: “Same here! Came to Twitter to determine if anyone else was running into the identical problem”. At the time of inscribing this, Instagram hasn’t addressed the error. But it appears to be a glitch on Instagram’s part.

Many have reported that their photos have now posted to Facebook. And were simply delayed. However, if your posts still aren’t sharing, find some possible fixes below.

How To Fix The Error Of Instagram Posts Not Sharing To Facebook

Try Relinking Facebook To Instagram

If the problem is still not solved, then try relinking your Facebook account to your Instagram account. It should fix it. Here’s the way to do it…

  • Open Instagram and visit your profile.
  • Click the three lines within the top right-hand corner and tap ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Accounts’ then ‘Sharing to other apps’. Press ‘Facebook’ and take away your profile from the ‘Accounts Centre’.
  • Then, connect your Facebook profile to your Instagram again.
How To Fix The Error Of Instagram Posts Not Sharing To Facebook

Other Things To Do

If that didn’t work, here are another things that would potentially help…

  • Log Out Of Both Apps.

First, try logging out of both apps then logging back in again as this might fix the feature.

  • Delete Both Apps And Open Them Again.

Still this thing didn’t work then uninstall the app and download it again. 

  • Change Your Facebook Password.

Changing your Facebook password then reconnecting it to your Instagram account might be the solution.

  • Check You Are Using The Foremost Recent Versions.

Make sure you’ve updated the Facebook and Instagram apps to the newest version within the App Store.

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