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How To Use Trending Echo Effect In Tiktok?

Tiktok has always a good trends which went viral quickly. Tiktoker know it better that there is nothing special, if the trends not followed by them. Recently, most famous trends like ‘Hot n Cold’ dance, ‘Tell Me Without Telling Me’ and ‘Love Grows’. This tiktok trends went viral for so long on Tiktok. The latest trend popular trend is using the Echo Effect. If you wish to be the newest TikToker to travel viral with it, here is how to use it.

What Is the Echo Effect In Tiktok And When To Use It?

The Echo trend sees users upload any reasonably video, but with the sound altered using the built-in Echo filter. As you’ll be able to imagine, the Echo effect transforms any sound by giving repeating. Regardless of the audio is back to the video crea tor which might cause a spooky sounding reverb. The effect has been viewed over 4.7 million times under the #echoeffect

tag and features clips of individuals singing, footage of crowds at a field game and cute videos of people’s pets.

HOW TO USE Echo Effect In Tiktok ?

  • First of all, record a video on the TikTok camera or upload one from your camera roll, even as normal.
  • Once you’ve got filmed or uploaded your video, press the pink tick to substantiate you’re finished.
  • Once you’ve done this, you must find a white speech bubble on the right-hand side of your screen labelled ‘Voice Effects’.
  • Click on this icon and scroll through the sound effects on the underside of the screen until you discover Echo.
  • Simply go on the Echo button, and let your video be transformed.

Technical Issues During Applying The Echo Effect

If you’ve got uploaded a video rather than filming it on the app and have found that the Voice Effects feature isn’t avaialble. You will have to update your TikTok app.

If this solution is still not working for you, then however, it is like a many other users, this feature is not available to you. Fear not though, as long as you have got filmed your video and not uploaded it from camera roll, you ought to still be able to add whichever voice effects you’d like.

Once you’ve added the Echo feature, remember to feature the #echofeature tag to form sure you get as many views as possible. Then press upload button and watch your TikTok. After sometimes your tiktok is showing in another users feed. And if the video has good quality content, then it went viral easily.




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