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How To Use Trending Euphoria Eye Filter In Tiktok?

Euphoria has been taking up the web since its season two release had viewers passionate the very first episode. However, the drama-filled storyline of the show isn’t the sole thing spiralling on social media at once.

Fans are now going viral on TikTok by exploring a filter inspired by the HBO series. To flaunt detailed close-up shots of their eyes. Find out the way to attempt the trend for yourself. And ideal the crazy short-form video skills as we explore insane examples, tutorials and more.

The Euphoria Eye Filter On Tiktok Is Now Trending

Aside from an exciting plot, an incredible soundtrack, a star studded cast and far more, Euphoria also features a great TikTok filter inspired by the show. A blue and purple-tinted camera filter is currently trending on TikTok as creators use the Euphoria-themed lens to emphasize the main points in and around their eyes. By zooming into their own eyes and producing a seamless transition to match the accompanying music, TikTokers have begun one more Euphoria craze on social media.

An online content creator named @jazzthornton_ tried out the trend and gained over eight million views together with over 950k likes and a comment section stuffed with praise. The viral user even stated within the caption that the trend has made her love her own eyes.

How To Use The Eye Filter Effect?

First select the tiktok sound named ‘Feel Something’. It is by artist Bea Miller. It is uploaded on the app by @valcarpintero.  Then set the sound to nine seconds and confirm your camera is in selfie mode. Hit record and slowly zoom the camera in towards your chosen eye. Close your eye once you hear the lyric “again” and your recording should then pause. Now, activate the Euphoria filter and flip to the rear camera. Face a mirror so you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re filming. Then zoom your camera into the alternative eye to the one you previously used.

To make the main points in your eye stand out, you’ll be able to use a lamp. Also point the sunshine toward your eye. Be sure to not stare at the brilliant light for too long as this may potentially damage your eyes. Hold the lamp to shadow the face and focus your eye on the lens.

Set the timer for the remainder of the audio. Then begin together with your eye closed to form a smooth transition. Open your eye when the audio begins and watch the main points light up! @jazzthornton_ shared a close tutorial video over on her account.

Use The Filter With A Trick

Explore the popular TikTok sound to test out heaps of Euphoria content, including masses of detailed eye video shots.



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