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‘I’m Just A Baby’ Viral Tiktok Sound Explored

As you scroll through your TikTok For You Page, there are a spread of sounds that play on repeat. ‘I wish I had a machine,’ ‘I don’t have time for this’ which bizarre meowing and barking routine are a number of the foremost popular audio clips taking on TikTok in March 2022. Another one is that the funny and adorable ‘I’m just a baby’ sound, but where does it actually come from? Read on to seek out out…

Viral ‘I’m Just A Baby’ On Tiktok Explained

The ‘I’m just a baby’ sound is absorbing TikTok right away because of its insane cuteness and equal hilarity. It’s a collection of dialogue that sees a mother telling her child that they have to pay attention to what she’s saying, a controversy that each mother on the world goes through on a daily. At the beginning, the mother tries to discipline the kid by saying “Coco when mummy says stop you say okay,” to which the daughter replies: “I’m just a baby.” The mother then repeats “but you continue to must say okay mummy,” before the kid angrily shouts: “I’M JUST A BABY.” It started going viral in February 2022 when owners began using the sound with their cute pets. Now, it’s become the most recent hilarious trend.

The Origin Of The Sound Explored

The sound comes from a viral TikTok video that was shared on February 20th 2022. Posted by a TikTok user called @little.blooming.women, the clip sees a mother reprehension her daughter. She is holding the limited girl, who sports an adorable denim dress, so in her arms and telling her to obey her orders. However, the small girl clearly thinks that because she’s a baby she doesn’t must listen. Sorry Coco, that’s not how it works! The hilarious video has had 41.6 million views and so its continues to require over TikTok in March.

Inventor Of The Sound Explored

The clip was posted by Jordan, a Midwest mother of 4 young children. There are 77k followers of her on TikTok. She defines herself as a ‘midwest mama’. Also a residential educator of four girls. She’s only posted four videos on TikTok but links followers to her Instagram where she shares adorable snaps of her life. Jordan homeschools her four beautiful daughters and so sometimes posts photos of their daily activities.




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