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Internet Computer Crypto (ICP) Coin News, Potential, Price Prediction,

The people who have taken entry in ICP i.e. Internet Computer coin at high price, at this time only one question comes in their mind that, Is ICP coin dead now? Will this coin never increase now? Should we exit from this coin? Here you will get the answers of all these questions in this article.

Along with this, will it be right for us to invest in ICP coin at this time? How much profit ICP coin can give us within 2022?

Along with this, also you will find some latest updates and news of ICP coin with you.

ICP Coin Prediction Explained

In this recent market dump, the ICP coin has touched $19.

While ICP coin made its all time high on 10th of May 2021 at $750. After touching $750, there is always a downfall inside the ICP coin price. Gradually, this coin went down a lot. Because of which the people who took entry at high rate are still stuck inside this coin. And in this case they say that ICP coin is a dead coin somewhere. Inside which only and only downfall comes, the spike is rarely seen.

Is there really no potential inside this project?

So ICP i.e. Internet Computer was founded by DFINITY Foundation in 2016. Then on 18 December 2020 the Alpha Mainnet of Internet Computer was launched which was the final step towards decentralization.

Then on 10th of May 2021, Internet Computer was launched inside the public domain. And a major milestone which was here, it meant that the Internet will now function as a decentralized global computer. There is a prediction of decentralization of internet here. Where we all know that the web 3.0 is going to decentralize the internet somewhere.

So somewhere or the other we can say that ICP is the first such project which is working towards web 3.0 also the main aim of this project is that they want to create blockchain singularity. Through which the system and services are to be rebuilt, reimagined using smart contract and run them entirely on a public blockchain, where there is no need for traditional information technology of any kind.

This is their aim, also above their twitter profile, they have mentioned in the bio that the Internet computer is the most powerful general purpose blockchain to build Web3 dapps that scale. Means that, Internet Computer is providing general purpose blockchain, where you can build Web3 applications and those applications will also be scalable. There are many projects at this time which are working inside web 3.0. But ICP somewhere, the aim of web 3.0 where internet will become decentralized.

Means no organization or any individual will have any control over the internet. Such is the scenario of internet, for that they have already planned a lot.

Now its to be wonder why at the initial stage, when ICP was launched there was a spike in the price of this coin, it reached $750.

What was the reason for getting so much spike inside this coin?

It is at initial stage when this project came in the market. At that time, they shared a very lengthy roadmap.

The meaning of speaking lengthy is that the planning they have done for the next 20 years in terms of development.

What they are going to bring in the future?

Their roadmap shows a thing that you can also checkout here in the roadmap. That there are many things which they have already completed. And there are many things which are still under development, on which the discussion is going on they have also taken community consideration.

The community of ICP has given some recommendations as to what things should be added to ICP i.e. Internet Computer project.

Like NFT STANDARD and there are some trending things, that they have also added-on here. Although the work has not started on them yet. But if I talk in terms of development, there are many things which have been planned in this project already. And they are also sharing it’s update time to time on their twitter handle. Their team is working for development.

Also DFINITY Foundation recently shared a new white paper called the Internet Computer for Gigs on the twitter handle. Where I studied their white paper, they have shared their vision about web 3.0. And how Internet Computer will work for web 3.0 they have mentioned all these things inside this white paper.

You can also checkout how their team and Internet Computer project are thinking for new trend web 3.0

How is the team preparing for all these things?

Because the most important thing here is that ever since ICP coin was launched in the market. Its price seems to be going down in fact yesterday also touched $19.

On the other hand, when this coin was launched in the market, the hype it had was very high. Because this coin made its all-time high on $750. This coin came on the 7th rank as soon as it was launched on CoinMarketCap. And in today’s date this coin has come above the 31st rank.

Future Of ICP Coin Explained

So according to me ICP project can lead web 3.0 in the coming time. There see potential in this project. If you have patience, if you have good holding power inside. So this coin can give you profit in future. This coin can give you profit within a couple of months. But if you hold this coin patiently for a couple of years within the coming time. So definitely you can gain a huge profit from this coin.

It is a matter of those who are planning to take entry inside ICP coin for them I will recommend ICP coin is a very good coin from SIP perspective. Means whenever you are getting to see a dip you can keep accumulating a little bit inside the ICP coin for long term perspective, from long term perspective this coin will be good.

So there is prediction that is about what will be the price prediction within 2022 regarding ICP coin. There is not expecting much from ICP coin but if the market remains good then ICP coin can give you profit of 5 to 6x within 2022.



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