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Is Elon Musk New Owner Of Twitter? As He Holds 9.2% Of Stake

Elon Musk recently got a 9.2% stake in Twitter, but does that does mean he owns Twitter now? The Tesla owner has always made wisdom when it involves investment. And it comes as no surprise that he decided to induce a tackle Twitter. However, people were shocked once they revealed. Despite this, there’s little doubt that Elon always takes financial decisions that he feel is true. So although he has not given a proof for his latest investment, we predict it’ll just boost his net worth.

Is Elon Musk Owner Of Twitter Now?

No, Elon doesn’t own Twitter. So what exactly does it mean to possess a better stake? Well, it means Elon will have a say in how Twitter functions. As per CNN, Elon is that the highest shareholder, that is, fourfold quite the 2.25% holding of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Now he can have a vigorous role decide how the platform functions. However, if there are any changes that require to be brought it. At the identical time, Elon’s recent purchase might push others to induce a better stake in Twitter. Thus, increasing the worth of the corporate.

Was Elon Musk Is Going To Make His Own Social Media Platform?

Prior to making this purchase, Elon had hinted that he had plans of launching his own platform. There people would have the liberty to debate anything they liked. Elon Musk tweeted: ‘The Twitter is a real factual town square of public. The democracy undermines the principal of free a speech is stick to failing. So what need to do?”. People were excited to listen to this and were looking forward to seeing what he had to supply. However, on condition that Elon has invested in Twitter, it’s highly likely that he would be launching a platform of his own.

Elon Musk Net Worth 2021 Explored

Elon, who spent $2.9 billion on his Twitter stake, had an honest 2021. While a precise amount is unknown, in October 2021, the revelation that Elon had earned over $25.6 billion. During a day after Tesla’s stock had increased. Because of Hertz’s announcement about its plans to shop for 100,000 electric vehicles as reported by Forbes. With this, Elon’s net worth became $255.2 billion in 2021. Now Forbes even stated that he was “wealthier than any billionaire Forbes has ever tracked.”




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