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KSI Net Worth Explored As He Revealed His TikTok Earnings

Rising sensation and YouTuber KSI has as of late uncovered that his TikTok income are going low. However, his 9 million supporters on the application. Well, KSI as a rapper and YouTuber has been going really popular nowadays. Moving towards pro boxing and other projects, his fan following over time has risen to a good level. However, it looks as if that isn’t benefitting KSI on TikTok. Read ahead to grasp more about KSI revealing his low earning on TikTok despite a decent number of followers. Let’s find out about KSI net worth.

Who Is KSI? 

KSI, full name Olajide William Olatunji, could be a YouTube star, entertainer, musician, entrepeneur and, as of 2019, professional boxer. He launched his first YouTube channel in 2008 but his most successful one, KSIOlajidebt, was launched in 2009. And up to now, has nearly five billion video views, with quite 20 million video subscribers. While making videos catered around FIFA he also competed in eSports competitions. And remain most notably beat Virgin Gaming co-founder Zach Zeldinfull in a very game of FIFA. During that point, he and 4 other gaming YouTubers formed a gaggle called the last word Sidemen. Later expanding to create seven members in total.

KSI net worth

Youtuber Ksi Popularity And Fame

KSI, the famous YouTuber has been gaining plenty of fame as a rapper and social media star. However, lately, he has been also in limelight for coming as a professional boxer. Not just that, his collaboration over a sports drink with Logan Paul are some things hard to miss. The drink is even to sponsor a motorcar this month. Meanwhile, his YouTube channel has about 39 million followers on that in total. While his Instagram account is additionally having about 11 million followers. He is even trying to win hearts over the popular social media platform TikTok. But it seems he’s not satisfied with its performance.

What Is KSI Net Worth?

KSI net worth is around $15 million, per wealthygorilla.com. KSI has been reported to earn £2.9m ($4.5m) a year through his work as a YouTuber. Although his earning is subject to fluctuation counting on his activity as he isn’t paid a salary by the corporate. But earns money from advertising revenue and sponsorships. 

The Sunday Times report that his recordings can produce up to £250,000. In correlation, KSI is worth somewhat more or however Logan Paul and Jake Paul, who are worth £14.3m ($19m) each. Wagering on which valuation you settle on to accept. Alongside his channel, KSI has branched bent on creating music videos and has taken part in several boxing matches. Against other YouTube stars with prize expected to spice up his overall net worth.

In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, KSI explained that cash “gravitates” towards him. It suggests that he is now in an exceedingly position where he not should worry “about that side of things”. As well as being one among the foremost famous internet stars within the world, with over 15 million YouTube subscribers. And also over 11 million followers on Instagram, KSI has succeeded in other avenues.

KSI Reveals Lowest Earning On Tiktok 

With barely any online entertainment account left for KSI to run the show. We even have his TikTok account giving him around 9.2 million devotees. While the app may be a good source of income for rising TikTok stars. It seems country rapper is battling the app in terms of its earnings.

Well yes, recently KSI net worth revealed that his earnings on TikTok are going low. Despite having a decent number of followers on the app. The ‘Sidecast’ podcast has revealed the fact about the lowest earing. Where he mentioned that his earnings from TikTok are under what he was expecting.

Tiktok Earning Of KSI Revealed

With an honest number of 9.2 million followers on TikTok for KSI. Within the podcast episode, English rapper stated that he’s just earning £3000 ($3778.90) from his TikTok account. This definitely seems an occasional amount for a well-liked star like him. He already encompasses a satisfying number of followers on the app.

Not to miss, the rapper is already having about 70 million likes and 200+ million views on his TikTok account. Moreover, he’s not the sole star handling low earnings on the app. As previously there are reports about Jimmy Donaldson furthermore, that he only earned about $14, 910.93 on TikTok. Where he had a few billion views.

Let’s Look At Ksi’s Business Ventures

KSI has released two studio albums, Dissimulation, and every one Over The Place, and 4 EPs. His 2021 album featured collaborations with Future, 21 Savage, Craig David, Yungblud, Bugzy Malone, and Lil Durk. The internet star is that the co-founder and member of country YouTube group referred to as the Sidemen. KSI is additionally the co-owner of Prime Hydration, XIX Vodka, and also the chain Sides.

In recent years, KSI has ventured into the globe of boxing. In 2019 he took to the ring in an exceedingly fight against Logan Paul and, in keeping with Forbes. The YouTubers both earned $900,000 each from the fight.

Ksi And Logan Paul Controversy

Logan Paul and KSI famously hate one another. So now on August 25, 2018, KSI and Logan held a pay-per-view match. That match was promoted as “the biggest internet event in history”. The fight resulted in a draw, and a rematch occurred on November 9, 2019. At the Staples Center in Los Angeles. He primary fight was watched by 2.25 million viewers live, with 1 million watching via pay per view. However, another estimated 1.2 million watching illegally via Twitch streams. 

KSI net worth

Eventually, 1.3 million bought the battle through PPV, creating around $13 million in income. Almost certainly, Logan and KSI each procured around $2 million complete from the match before charges. While any remaining sources like product are added. For the subsequent battle, they each were ensured a base $900,000. Their absolute profit for the subsequent battle, which was communicated by boxing organization DAZN USA, probable bested $3 million each.

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