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Lance Armstrong Net worth And Investment Explored

The net worth of former cyclist Lance Armstrong explored here. Also what proportion did he make through his investment into Uber? There was a time when Lance Armstrong was one amongst the foremost famous sportspeople on the earth. His story was miraculous – fighting back from carcinoma to win the grueling Tour de France a record seven times to travel with countless other wins and an Olympic prize from Sydney 2000. However, Armstrong dogged the wrong allegation for doping throughout his successful career. All his results from August 1998 were voided. What is Lance Armstrong’s current net worth? How did an investment in Uber turn out?


During the peak of his stripped Tour de France successes between 1999-2005, Armstrong held a major number of blue chip sponsors. The likes of Nike, Oakley and Discovery were all partners with Armstrong or his US Postal team that took won those successive Tours de France. So at it’s height, Lance Armstrong’s net worth was about $125 million. He dropped considerably after he started loosing his sponsorship. He also paid some fines. But he still encompasses a fair chunk of change in his pocket. His current net worth is believed to be round the $50 million mark as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Lance Armstrong Uber Investment Explored

Armstrong invested $100,00 in Uber. It is founded early that year, before the doping scandal erupted. In 2009, he made comeback to his career in professional cycling. As the company has grown to possess a revenue of over $17 billion, so has Armstrong’s initial investment. An investigation by Bloomberg calculated that his investment in Chris Sacca’s Lowercase Capital returned about $30 million. He made profit of $20 million from his investment in uber. However, it is found in investigation after charging certain fees. 




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