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MetaSoccer – The First Soccer Game In The Metaverse⚽

You have only played soccer in the physical world up until now, either with friends, as a team, with family, or by yourself. Everyone wants to play soccer, which is a well-liked game, but how can we make it even more enjoyable? Everything is shifting steadily toward MetaVerse, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. How far can we go with the metaverse? You can build your ideal home there, make Avatars that look like you, shop there, buy land there, and even have weddings there. MetaSoccer is the solution. The blockchain-based Play To Earn Soccer Metaverse is called Meta Soccer. Connecting soccer in the real world to the Metaverse is the premise behind MetaSoccer.

What Is MetaSoccer?

In the new age of soccer, people can play soccer virtually in the metaverse using Champion Games’ play-to-earn game MetaSoccer, which has over 1 million active users and is based in Barcelona. The game is based on the Play To Earn Model, just like well-known metaverse games like Axie Infinity, Gala, Genopets, etc. It operates on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

In one platform, MetaSoccer blends the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain, new financial technologies, and video games. Users have the option of creating their own in-game avatars or purchasing NFTs of other gamers. They can gamble on other players or teams, play in games, and sell or rent their players to make money. Each player receives payment in their local currency, $MSU.

Users of MetaSoccer can play soccer in the Metaverse without any of the necessary equipment for playing the game physically. Users can pick the time and location they want to play. They can select the position they want to play, such as goalkeeper, striker, defender, etc.


How Does MetaSoccer Benefit Its Users?

Every project’s users act as its skeleton. They have the power to decide the project’s course. A project is nothing more than a piece of sh!t without users. The users are kept at the core of the ecosystem by MetaSoccer.

The following are the ways that users will gain:

  • Earnings: Users can earn a handsome amount of money by playing the game.
  • Open Source: The game is open source, which means anyone can see the building blocks of the project.
  • Ownership Of The Assets: Users can become the owner of the players, game assets, NFTs, etc.
  • Exchangeable: All the assets of the game can be easily exchanged for profit.

Types Of Roles In MetaSoccer

Metasoccer features responsibilities much like actual soccer. You need a player before you can begin the game. Any role is possible for that player. Each player will initially sign up for the young scout to receive mentoring. There are five actual days in the mentoring period. Each new player will be between 25 and 30 years old, and their lifespan will be 65 years.

A player can play any of the following roles following the mentorship phase:

  1. Forward Player
  2. Midfielder Player
  3. Goalkeeper
  4. Defender

In the future users may get specific roles like Right Wing-Back, Center Back, Right Forward etc.

Unique Skills

A player may possess unique abilities that can be improved by particular behaviours like education, ageing, role-playing, etc.


Here are some unique abilities that a user may possess:

  • Penalty Stopper
  • Kicker Goalkeeper
  • Kaiser Defender
  • Dribbler
  • Warrior
  • Penalty Kicker

What Are The Coins/Tokens $MSU And $MSC?

The native tokens of the MetaSoccer ecosystem are $MSU and $MSC. Both can be employed for spending and buying.


The native token of the Metasoccer ecosystem is $MSU, which stands for Metasoccer Universe. The ERC-20 blockchain powers it. It is the primary coin or token that is employed in most transactions. Users can buy players, NFTs, teams, and other items for $MSU. It can also be used as a vote token or coin for governance purposes.


The native token of the Metasoccer ecosystem is $MSC, or Metasoccer Cash, but it serves distinct purposes than $MSU. For in-game purchases, it is employed. It can be used to buy players, raise player levels, play matches, rent, and receive all prizes in $MSC.

How Can I Make Money in MetaSoccer?

Users can earn $MSC and $MSU coins for playing the game MetaSoccer, which is a play-to-earn title. They can take their coins out and sell them on cryptocurrency markets.

The following are the ways users can earn it:

  • Ranking high on the leaderboard
  • Selling players
  • Renting Stadium/Team/Player
  • Sponsorship
  • Betting on matches
  • Winning matches
  • Selling tickets of the matches

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