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New WhatsApp Privacy Policy For Users

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: WhatsApp is the social media owned by Facebook. WhatsApp recently change their Privacy policy and Term of services. According to reports its clamming that it will share data with Facebook, which feels insecure to the WhatsApp audience. The new policy is applying from 8 February 2021. WhatsApp and Facebook are both auxiliar from 2014.

WhatsApp user must agree to the changes or they won’t be able to use it. They issued an official statement clarifying that its data-sharing exercises with Facebook have not changed. The changes that will go into effect look to approach data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook business accounts.

Why WhatsApp change its policy?

Mark Zuckerberg announced in October 2020 that Facebook has been integrate service across Facebook Messenger , Instagram and WhatsApp. This action may also arise in a rush to appropriate growth in a landmark anti-trust case. US Federal Trade Commission and US multiple state for monopolist performance accused the Facebook.

Which data can be shared by WhatsApp new policy?

The Data including device and connection special information like device model, operating system, browser, IP address, Phone number and device identifier. It aslo include information about when you reg istered to the service and features you use like calling, messaging, status, groups, business feature, payments, profile picture, about information, your last seen.

The new policy also defines level of battery, signal strength, app version and Facebook products like Onavo and CrowdTangle are unique to identifier. WhatsApp Bussiness may also share information of user, the contents shared with bussiness account could be approcable to third party service providers.

WhatsApp Data

What is the effect on the user?

The privacy of user is affected as WhatsApp holds data about its users and so does Facebook. When they communicate with each other then companies know more about the audience. Facebook can assimilate its user’s contact on WhatsApp, the conversation and the groups you joined to and compare those information to Facebook contacts and activities. Also, if the user use transaction service in WhatsApp then the bank account or card details are accessible by Facebook.

Whatsapp privacy policy

Is that a trouble?

The information is lots of about users. The tied-up between both WhatsApp and Facebook together and not detached is different silos, it could be very revealing. The worrying appearance for users is that the school coordination comes via WhatsApp groups and the employees have their companies group chat and many more important information. So Facebook will know all that information like location, school, pictures, chats, etc.

If you don’t agree with the new policy and terms of services then you are not able to use WhatsApp.

Whatsapp privacy policy

What is the another platform user can use?

The best alternative of WhatsApp is Signal app. Its the most secured and you can migrate groups easily, but the interface and navigation is not easy to navigate. The other alternative is Telegram, it has similar features in term of WhatsApp but it has Russian parentage.

Whatsapp privacy policy

Elon musk also suggested Signal app as it is safest in terms of services and policy.

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