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Robert Downey Jr. Is Not Dead, Showing Fake On Wikipedia

Fans are left worried over a false rumour that Robert Downey Jr had died. The actor is alive but how did the hoax first start? The American actor and producer is best known for his role as Tony Stark within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, furthermore as Guy Ritchie’s fictional character and its 2011 sequel.

He has been named by Time Magazine joined of the the 100 most influential people within the world and is one amongst Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. But in the week a social media hoax left many of his fans worried. So here’s what you wish to understand.

Robert Downey Jr Isn’t Dead

Robert Downey Jr has become a victim of a death hoax that started trending on Twitter on Monday, March 14th. The actor is extremely much alive and well in 2022. Several social media users have claimed that the rationale for the false rumour perceived to have surfaced from a research on Google.

There is a screenshot posted in Twitter that Robert Downey Jr is show ing dead on his Wikipedia page. It shows that he is died on 7th July 2021 in Manhattan. However, this is often the day that his late father and filmmaker Robert Downey Sr kicked the bucket. Robert Downey Jr’s bio has since been updated after fans reported the problem on Twitter. Hoax Worries Fans It’s safe to mention that several of the actor’s fans were left confused. However, they worried over the false social media rumours. “Why does Robert Downey Jr’s Google info say he has been dead for a year?” asked one confused Twitter user. However, another fan tagged the actor’s official Twitter handle and wrote: ” [Robert Downey Jr], are you able to please let Google know you’re okay?”


As per the newest reports, Robert Downey Jr and Shane Black have joined forces. It is to bring their own version of Donald Westlake’s character Parker. For Amazon Studios Robert will be a professional theif parker. It is directed by Black. The Dolittle and Tropic Thunder actor is an energetic social media user. So he regularly posts from his Twitter account @RobertDowneyJr and Instagram profile under the identical handle.




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