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Run Together: What Is It? Move To Earn Coins For $RUN🏃‍♂️

The Move to Earn approach used by STEPN, where users may earn money by jogging, walking, and running, is quite similar to Run Together. Run Together is a little different from STEPN in that it allows users to purchase NFT of shoes, sportswear, glasses, and other items.

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, new breakthroughs have been occurring daily in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, but up until now they have only taken the form of computer programmes. STEPN, Run Together, and other cutting-edge initiatives are attempting to link cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Web3 with the physical world.

Run Together is a Move to Earn project that uses Web3.0 and the BSC ecosystem to connect individuals and enhance their health while also inspiring them to fight against climate change. Users have the option of running, walking, jogging, or taking part in the competition to earn RUN Tokens as compensation.

How Can I Sign Up For The Run Together Move To Earn App?

  1. Download Run Together from Play Store or App Store
  2. Signup and verify your email
  3. Create your BSC Wallet and keep safe 12 phrases that will be used to log in.
  4. Now transfer BNB to your wallet to buy NFTs.
  5. Select your desired pairs of Shoes, Clothes, and other products from the Marketplace.
  6. Now on your GPS and select the mode.
  7. Start running to get $RUN Token.

The $Run Together’s native token is $RUN. Users are compensated with the $RUN Token for purchasing NFTs from the marketplace. Users have the option to withdraw their tokens and sell them on exchanges for a profit.

How To Buy $RUN Token?

Currently, Run Together’s native token $RUN is available on these exchanges:

  • Pancake Swap
  • DODO
  • Second BTC

Run Token Tokenomic

  • ECO 31%
  • Public 24%
  • Liquidity 20%
  • Team 15%
  • Strategic Partners 10%

How Can You Begin Running on Run Together?

When you purchase NFTs of shoes, you will receive Hydro. Similar to STEPN’s energy is hydro. Only hydro is suitable for running. You won’t get paid if there’s no electricity. Every six hours, you’ll get 25% of your hydro. After receiving hydro, you can begin running or walking. Choose the Play Mode you want to use.

Play Modes In Run Together

There are six types of modes in Run Together:

  • Solo Mode
  • Together Mode
  • Marathon Tournament
  • 1V1 Challenge Mode
  • Trainer Mode
  • Background Mode

Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, users can select a shoe and start running.

Together Mode

In Together Mode, users can invite their friends through the invitation link and can run in groups.

Marathon Competition

Users can take part in weekly and monthly Tournaments in Tournament Mode. Within 24 hours of the competition, users must sign up.

Challenge Mode 1v1

Two users can wager on the contest in 1V1 Challenge Mode. The $RUN token stake and the competition’s length and duration will be decided by both users. The staked sum will be awarded to the winner.

Trainer Mod

A user can help other users in Trainer Mod enhance their profits, and in exchange, the trainer will receive compensation.

Background Mode

In Background Mode, if a user holds the NFT while not using the app, he will still receive rewards depending on his daily steps. Your steps will be tracked by the app as it runs in the background.

What Does Run Together’s Ice-Walking Mean?

When a user is cheating, his GPS signal is poor, or he moves seldom, he engages in ice-walking.

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