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Super Bowl Rings And Their Cost Explained

The players of the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams will go away with an excellent Bowl ring for their efforts, if they win, but what’s the value of every ring, lets find out.

Los Angeles Rams were leading 13-10 over Cincinnati Bengals, in the half time. The match is compet in Super Bowl LVI. The halftime is amazing with rocking SoFi Stadium with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Mary J Blige. But attention is now back on the football with the winner soon to be decided. Each winning player will get an excellent Bowl ring to commemorate the win.

Cost Of Super Bowl Ring Explained

There is not an actual set price for a brilliant Bowl ring should it come up purchasable. It all depends on the ring, the player it belongs to, the Super Bowl it came from and whether it’s rare or not. Each ring is bespoke by the teams to reflect their own style and personality. The key players and staff members are handed out the all-singing, all-dancing Super Bowl rings – complete with the dear stones. Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots purchased 150 ring. He purchased it in $36,500 that is a pop. Now it is worth $5.7 million. However, NFL teams tend to stay the price of Super Bowl rings covert.

The First Team To Scores In Super Bowl

The team who scores first has won 36 times. It is calculated from previous 55 Super Bowls. They’ve lost 19 times. The last franchise to get first and win came in Super Bowl LIII. So the geographical region Patriots scored a field goal within the second quarter to steer 3-0 at the half-time break. That came against the LA Rams within the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time.

The Super Bowl Ring Sold In High Price

Taking under consideration all the factors of an excellent Bowl ring, some still fetch a hefty price after they are sold. Lawrence Taylor’s son sold the Super Bowl winning ring of his father in 2012. It is from Super Bowl XXV. So, Taylor’s big apple Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in a very tight game in Tampa. The linebacker’s Super Bowl ring sold for $230,000. In 1987, Taylor had another Super Bowl XXI.




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