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Sweet Magnolias: Everything To Know About Season 2

Netflix has returned with the second season of Sweet Magnolias, after two years. We recap Kyle and Annie’s relationship and explore what Season 2 has future for the pair. Sweet Magnolia’s centres around childhood best friends Maddie, Dana Sue and Helen. As they navigate adult life within the town of Serenity. Although the connection between the leads’ children offers fans even as much drama, love triangles and forbidden romances that are rife amongst the kids. The series is about three best friends of childhood in small town Carolina. They all shepherd complexities through career, romance and family. Working so closely with each other sparked real-life bonds. Which is between the ladies of Sweet Magnolias.In second season, Swisher and Spears characters are not there to see.


Season 1 saw Kyle engaged during a love triangle between Annie and his older brother Ty. Throughout the primary season, Kyle features a crush on Annie. However, Annie’s attention is targeted on Ty, despite the latter having a girlfriend. Kyle’s feelings aren’t reciprocated, and when Ty and Annie share a drunken kiss he’s left heartbroken. Things come to a head within the final episode of Season 1 when the teenagers attend their prom. Initially, Annie blows off Kyle to hold out together with her friend Simon. Leaving Kyle to hold out with Nellie, the younger sister of Ty’s rival Jackson. Kyle flees get into terrific accident while driving his brother’s car. It is happened after Ty and Jackson fought after prom party. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, with it unknown who was within the car with Kyle, and whether anyone survived the crash.

Unfortunately for any Kyle and Annie shippers, the pair don’t find yourself together in Season 2. Annie grows closer to Jackson within the second season and eventually they become a pair. The pair still date, despite objections from Jackson’s mum, Mary Vaughn. After surviving the car accident, Kyle fall in relationship with Nellie who is a younger sister of Jackson. It shows that he had a feeling for Annie. However, Nellie is afraid of her mother’s disapproval and breaks off the link with Kyle. the women of Serenity appear to be in good spirits as they toast to their love lives over a pitcher of margaritas within the season 2 trailer, released in January 2022.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Cast

Swisher, Elliott and Headley are going to be return as Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan and Helen Decatur, respectively, with Chris Klein reprising his role as Maddie’s ex-husband, Bill Townsend. Justin Bruening, Brandon Quinn and Spears are set to look, potentially in larger capacities than season 1.

Who Survived The Car Crash?

The season 1 is ended with emotional drama as son of Maddie, Kyle get into car accident with his brother’s car. Kyle unconscious and hospitalized after prom party. Swisher exclusively told Us in November 2021 that the passenger’s identity are revealed — but there are bigger surprises future.

It is not even the foremost interesting a part of season 2. It isn’t even the foremost interesting a part of the primary episode,she teased. “When I read the script, I had quite known that. I mean, obviously, it is very interesting to seek out out who [it] is. that’s obviously a large cliffhanger, but i used to be like, ‘Oh, OK,’ so it’s like a one-two punch.”

New Characters In Season 2

Anderson has confirmed about new characters in season 2. Fans get new faces to see in the series. He defines that there is a new alliances between citizen of Serenity. Spears later teased the return of her character, Noreen Fitzgibbons, who sported a baby bump in an exceedingly series of promo photos shared via Instagram in December 2021, hinting that a newborn may be joining the Sweet Magnolias family.




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