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The Difference Between F1 And F2 Explained

F2 is that the step below F1 on the single-seater motorsport ladder, but what are the most differences between the 2 series – in terms of car and championship? The likes of Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc have all graduated to F1. They are all after racing in F2 (or GP2 in its previous guise). F2 is that the step below F1, with budding automobile race racers usually having to race within the series before they’ll be let anywhere near a F1 car. F1 and F2 machinery difference explained here. How are the weekends different?

Car Differences Between F1 And F2

F1 cars are 795kg (1,452lbs) (including driver) in weight, and are designed individually by each team within the series. The F2 machinery weights 755kg with clocks as slight less. However, there is one big difference in F1 and F2. It is that F2 teams don’t build their own cars. It is a spec-series which suggests all the cars are precisely the same made by Italian chassis constructor Dallara. They are powered by a Mecachrome V6 turbo charged engine which isn’t that different to F1 therein it’s a V6 turbo charged engine.

However, F1 engines are more powerful. They churn out 620bhp – whereas in F1, it’s nearer 1000bhp – a difference to F2 of about 380bhp. Moreover, F2 cars don’t feature steering mechanism, whereas F1 does. In the 2022 season opener, Charles Leclerc took F1 position with a laptime of 1m:30.558s. That’s 215.146 km/h or 133.6mph. Jack Doohan made pole of 1m: 40.542s with speed 193.79 km/h.

Weekend Format Also Different

The weekend format for F2 is different as consider as F1 format. Drivers and teams must coax the foremost out of their car – with the most effective driver doing this. There also are two races on every F2 race weekend. The first may be a sprint race about 45 minutes long on Saturday after F1 qualifying. It features a reverse grid with the highest eight taking points. On Sunday morning, before the automobile race, the feature race takes place longer in distance. More points are handed out kind of like the F1 points system right down to 10th place.

The junior series also hands out points for feature race position a difference with F1 which usually doesn’t. Another difference is that F2 doesn’t race on every single F1 weekend. In 2022, Formula 2 is at 13 of the 23 F1 rounds – including Bahrain, Monaco, Silverstone, Monza and also the season-finale in national capital in November. It means there are 26 F2 races in 2022.



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