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The Simpsons Predicted End Of The World

Lots of people online are saying September 24 2022 are going to be the tip of the globe, and therefore the simpsons predictions has it too.

The conspiracy theory emerged on because of an ominous video of a German chancellor and fears of an enormous solar radiation. Internet users are running wild with the thought and September 24 has become the newest viral doomsday date on TikTok.

Now, many are discovering that The Simpsons predicted the top of the globe on September 24 too, which makes the full thing even creepier.

The Simpsons Predicts End Of The World

On many occasions, Matt Groening’s animated comedy has predicted world events, and an old episode about the top of the planet is freaking out internet users. In the episode titled “Homer Goes to lyceum,” Homer joins a survivalist group whose leader has founded a revisit harden the tip of the globe. 

A video of Homer referring to the “looming kablooey” and foretelling that a massive explosion will take place has gone popular online. “The apocalypse is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe never, but it’s coming,” he says as he shows sceptical Marge his change form bags and apocalypse supplies.

The Simpsons episode is about the top of the planet, but what does that need to do with September 24? Well, just wait until you discover out the episode number.

Episode Number Is 24/9 Prediction

The end of the planet episode is Season 24 Episode 9, which when put together, weirdly makes the date 24/9, or September 24th.

This feeds into the conspiracy theory perfectly which sees TikTok users predicting September 24 2022 are doomsday. The date has gone viral online this month as people online predict all types of bad things will happen which will cause the top of the globe.

The Simpsons apocalypse episode makes things even creepier, and plenty of individuals are feeling uneasy on TikTok. In the comments of 1 video, someone wrote: “I know I can’t be the sole one freaking out about this.” “Oh my, another weird Simpsons prediction,” said another. A third person added: “Omg this gave me the chills. They mentioned pop out bags too.”

Denver Is Distributing Free Bug-out Bags

If the Simpsons predictions wasn’t weird enough already, the govt. in Denver is gifting away free change form Bags as a part of National Preparedness Month.

A bulge bag may be a survival kit containing the fundamental tools and supplies you’d have to survive in an emergency.

In the episode, Homer shows Marge his bulge bags that he has stored within the basement in preparation for the top of the globe. This month, DenverREADY is giving out change shape bags to assist its community brace oneself for emergencies and disasters, which social media users think is no strange.

However, The Denver Office of Emergency Management has pack up the conspiracy theories which suggest town has knowledge that something bad goes to happen.

According to a video simpsons predictions being shared on social media by a conspiracy theory network, the pop-out bag giveaway for National Preparedness Month is the outcome of a known or impending tragedy, they said.

The assertions made in this video are categorically incorrect, and we want to reassure the community as such. However our office’s mission is to form a secure, prepared, and resilient community.”

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