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Top 3 Crypto Project IDOs

Initial Dex Offering (IDO) offers some great crypto project with good potential. An IDO launchpad opens the gate for extensive business opportunities.
The investment process takes place with IDO model. IDO launchpad is a platform where crypto projects are listed and it works as an investor’s pool. In the launchpad there are good crypto projects where investors can invest and make good profits.
DEX decentralized exchange is a developed platform where they can represent IDOs token which any kind of asset. An IDO is when a project launches a token through a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDOs are often created for any price from cryptocurrency. IDOs offer businesses a tool for engaging their communities in an economy that both enriches their products and services while allowing them to form smart business decisions regarding their assets.
Listing crypto projects on the IDO launchpad increases the visibility for the project and enables the investors to take a position more into the project, which is very beneficial for the long run and allows them to implement their ideas and tokens to the cryptocurrency ecosystem comfort.

1. Kasta

Kasta is a blockchain alternative platform to mainstream mobile payment services and make the process easy, simple and accessible.

KASTA is the cryptocurrency token that offers a wide range of applications and benefits within the Kasta ecosystem. User can buy or sell KASTA like any other cryptocurrency. KASTA will play an important role in Kasta’s growth and making as a mission to steer the world towards worldwide cryptocurrency adoption a reality.

By investing in KASTA users will get reduced exchange fees, improved yield rates and even more benefits like cashback and limited design debit cards. Send crypto by inserting your friend’s phone number or scan their QR code.
Kasta will launch the debit card which will allow customers to spend their funds everywhere.Kasta will be offering a payment-focused solution where users could buy an item from an online store and choose when and how to pay for it later.
Kasta’s smart exchange engine will provide possibility to choose what currency users would like to receive payments.

2. Last Survivor

Last survivor is coin based on binanace block chain. It makes the most of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale in the Fighters’ survival battle in the futuristic fantasy world. The goal is to be the last on the battlefield to win the game – only one player wins the game. Last survivor is the newest free to earn Battle Royale game, fast and easy to play.
Last Survivor’s mission is to create a gaming platform that can connect not just crypto users but millions of gamers out there. Want to create a sustainable ecosystem that can help lots of people with play to earn features as well as have fun playing the game.
There is a unique selling point such as it is a Fighter: Last Survivor and it will have many different types of Fighter. Each Fighter will have a special skill and have health, damage, and speed stats.

3. Abura Farm
Use two token systems LSC – LSG to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem as well as provide economic incentives to encourage players to participate in the ecosystem activities.
Abura farm is a virtual farming P2E game built on Binance Smart Chain, where players can cultivate lands, tend to crops, breed pets, and decorate their virtual land in a metaverse project. Players are going to be able to buy or rent land and harvest their crops, which might later be sold for ABU tokens. The sport will have different levels in every upgrade with multi features. In Abura Farm players aims for a play-and-earn model, where players cooperate and build is a soothing atmosphere within the game rather than competing with one another.



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