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Top 5 Metaverse Coins To Buy In 2022

What Is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the new trend which is started on interest from last year. The metaverse is defined as virtual spaces comprising 3D universe and as a persistent which is online based. Lots of projects like Facebook and Instagram are focusing on metaverse and grabbing attention of investors. Metaverse is the to be future of internet. In metaverse users are able to work, game, meet with 3D space in virtual world.

Metaverse is a virtual reality in which users are able to character and also can make their own avatar. For example, in metaverse you are able to conuct online work meeting virtually. And because of that it going to feel like you are attending meeting in physical form. The new interesting feature in metaverse is to play blockchain based games in virtual reality. The craze of cryptocurrency created a space in metaverse. Sandbox is the highest running crypto coin in metaverse till now. NFTs are also virtual things in metaverse.

Top 5 Metaverse Coins To Buy in 2022

There are some leading coins in the metaverse like Sandbox, Axie Infinity and Decentraland. Although there are some rising projects that are not much known yet which have a high potential in 2022.

The highly potential coins are as follows-

1. Meta Hero (HERO)

Meta Hero (HERO) project is using Ultra HD photo grammetic technology of scanning which is already bringing more than 10 million new users into the cryptocurrency. The coin itself shows the gateaway to the metaverse. The team has already launched its 4k HD scanner. And now they are working on 16k Ultra HD photo grammetric technology.

The Meta Hero team is introduce the meta scanner in the metaverse. That makes users attraction towards their technologies like 3D printing, gaming character creation and scanning network. Wolf Studio partnered with Meta Hero. The Wolf Studio is a leader in the 3D scanning world. They both are working on bringing new technologies in the scanner. This a good point to the users to buy this coin.

The market cap of Meta Hero is $572 million. The current trading rate of Meta Hero is at its lowest which is $0.111673. The all time high of this coin is $0.252021. And it is achieved on 2nd December 2021. The coin make its all time high is abous so 1900% up from its all time low price $0.00537031.

2. Blocktopia (BLOCK)

Blocktopia is the built and decentralized by Polygon. The polygon is the one of the leading blockchains in the world. Blocktopia is focusing on to provide users a new VR experience which going to bring users all together at engaging and immersive environment. The users are more attracted towars this coin and it makes coin to gain high on 2022. Some of the leading cryptocurrency companies like CoinMarketCap, KuCoin and Coingecko have their own virtual offices in the Blocktopia.

NFT mechanism helps users to buy real estate in the marketplace in Blocktopia. This is the most interesting feature helps users to attract towards Blocktopia.

The current market cap of Blocktopia is $353 million. The current price of Blocktopia is $0.04265299. And the all time high is $0.178281. And it is achieved on 31st October 2021. The all time high is about so 450% up from its all time low of $0.00757922.

3. Star Atlas (Atlas)

Star Atlas is built and powered by Solana. This is the metaverse game which supports dual token economy. This coin is featuring to combine real time graphics, multiplayer video game, blockchain and decentralized financial technologies. The team is focusing on making best games in the cryptocurrency environment. The team developers introduce their new technology. And it gives a hint with the trailer of it, on their official website. This attracts attention of the users towards the coin.

This coin is in its early stage, but that also makes community excited about the project. The market cap of Atlas is $190 million. It is currently at pricing of $0.087497. The all time high of Star Atlas is $0.267549. And it is achieved on 4th September 2021. The all time low of the coin is $0.063366. The coin is raised up only 38% for now.

4. RedFox (RFOX)

The developer of RFOX is RedFox labs. This is a tech company, building a virtual space for retail purpose. The team of the developers of this company is focusing on great metaverse experiences. The team is developing media, gaming, rewards and retail.

RedFox project working on dual token system. The system allows users to buying a land and virtual assets with help of RFOX tokens. This project is going to be gem in the metaverse universe in 2022.

Currently the team is working on numerous projects like RFOX Finance and RFOX Games. This helps metaverse to gain more users attraction.

The market cap of RFOX is $115 million. It is currently at pricing of $0.080576. The all time high of this coin is $0.377778. However, the all time low is $0.01152142. The coin has gain upto 600%.

5. Epik Prime (EPIK)

EPIK Prime is a part NFT. They are working with AAA gaming companies and also with giant entertainment IP and brands to create in game NFT goods and also market place. EPIK is a different from other projects. The project helps in produces NFTs, good blockchain powered in a game experiences.

The team developers of EPIK Prime is one of the leaders in the industry. For empowering blockchain games. This projects helps attract the users towards the coin.

The market cap of EPIK Prime is $66 million. It is currently at pricing at $0.282311. The all time high of the coin is $0.0865706. And it is achieved on 17 November 2021. And the all time low is $0.085736. However it is raised upto 230%.



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