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Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth 2022 Explored As She Awarded $16 Million

Vanessa Bryant was awarded $16 million by the jury on Wednesday, August 24 during a unanimous verdict following her lawsuit against the la County, reports The Guardian.

Here’s a glance at her net worth. Vanessa and her co-plaintiff, Christopher Chester, had sued l.a. Photos from the scene of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash were leaked by the county.

The NBA star and his daughter Gianna Bryant perished in the Calabasas, California, helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Vanessa’s co-plaintiff, Chris, lost his wife, Sarah, and their 13-year-old daughter, Payton, within the horrific crash.

Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth In 2022

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, in 2022, the Vanessa Bryant Net Worth is $600 million.

A 202 report within the International Business Times states that Vanessa and Kobe failed to have a prenuptial agreement. However, Vanessa is the executor of the Bryant estate, according to additional information from MarketWatch. Ten years after their initial wedding, in 2011, Vanessa requested a divorce from Kobe.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the basketball legend at the time had a net worth of $200 million. But only two years later, they got back together, and the divorce was cancelled.

Jury Awards Vanessa And Chris Chester $31 Million

According to Fox News, Vanessa and Chris sued the la County along with her attorneys claiming that “close-up photos” of Kobe’s helicopter crash site were shared on multiple devices.

The trial began on Wednesday, August 10. After 14 days in court, the jury unanimously sided with the plaintiffs ordering the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) will give $9 million to Chris and $10 million to Vanessa as compensation. 

Furthermore, the la local department (LAFD) was ordered to pay $6 million to every of the plaintiffs. So people further reports that Vanessa, 40, was seen sobbing in court because the jury announced their verdict. Vanessa Bryant Net Worth is explored here.

After the verdict was announced, she reportedly gave her co-plaintiff Chris and attorney Luis Li a big hug. However, the mother of four also honoured her late husband and daughter on Instagram after making the choice.

Kobe Bryant And Vanessa’s Family

After being married in 2001, Vanessa and Kobe remained together for 19 years. Kobe’s sisters, agent, and parents reportedly declined to attend the wedding at the time.

The age of Vanessa—she was 19 and still a high school senior—was the justification for that. However, after she had her first kid in 2003, things started to change.

Together, Kobe and Vanessa had four children. Natalia Diamante Bryant, age 19, is the oldest. However, the deceased Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, Bianka Bella Bryant, and Capri Kobe Bryant were also children of the couple.

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