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Watch: Fightsr4us Twitter Videos🔥

After numerous college fight videos were retweeted, the Twitter account fightsr4us started to go viral.

Watch the Twitter fights from that twitter account in this article.

About Fightsr4us

As of November 2022, this Twitter account had 25.6K followers. The account tweets and retweets numerous fight videos. In fact, people adore it and find it to be incredibly captivating.

These videos show girls fighting. Most college fights take place in bouts when nearby bystanders record film and post it with this Twitter account called Fights4u. While many others find it entertaining, some others may find it harsh to watch.

Teenagers and college students are now so accustomed to seeing fights amongst female classmates that they record the incidents and post them to the website.

Watch Fightsr4us Twitter Videos

Link- shorturl.at/EKR15




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