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Watch: Fitting Room Viral Twitter Video

Watch the Trending Fitting Room Twitter Video Below – Hidden cameras are allegedly capturing customers trying on apparel at a well-known clothing store in Kuala Lumpur, according to a trending Twitter thread. The picture displayed aerial video taken by a covert camera inside the women’s changing area. Sellers who are purportedly selling the tapes online claim to have recordings of couples and individuals in the changing rooms. In this piece, I’ll be sharing an H&M fitting room video with you.

Response of the Public to the Fitting Room Video Scandal
Several others have contacted the owner to share their own stories as a result of the original tweet, which was deleted by the owner to protect the anonymity of the individuals. One of the victims who came forward said that she was one of the women depicted in the video’s screenshot. She admitted that the fitting room is probably at the store when she visited the H&M Avenue K outlet in October.

Could you pls tell me where the source of all those movies is? I’m in the video as one of the people, and when it was made available to the public, I felt embarrassed because I was one of the people in the video. I’m hoping you can be of some assistance to me. Since I purchased a shirt from the store, I believe the fitting room is situated at H&M Avenue K, if I am not mistaken. The videos could have been shot on October 6, 2022.”

H&M Malaysia released a statement claiming that when the incident became viral, it was decided to contact the authorities. “As a business, we prioritise consumer safety above all else. ” The event has been reported to the police, and an investigation is now ongoing.

The business said in an email that “Our fitting rooms have been examined and we are now working to ensure that no security breach would harm the privacy of our customers.”

According to reports, the police have apparently begun investigating the claims as well. The event allegedly came to the attention of the police on Monday, according to Noor Dellhan Yahaya, an assistant chief of police in Dang Wangi (January 9).

He asserted that the person who reported the crime to the police was the security manager of a shop on Jalan Imbi. Staff members were sent to investigate the event, but they were unable to locate the camera. There’s a possibility that it happened somewhere else. He claims that the occurrence violates Penal Code Section 509, which forbids purposely making sounds, gestures, or statements that are offensive to a woman’s modesty.

Watch Fitting Room Viral Twitter Video

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