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Watch: Millicent Omanga Viral video

Millicent Omanga, a former nominated member of parliament, has been a subject of controversy due to her carefree dancing style, especially during the recent campaign period. Following her loss in her bid to become the Nairobi women’s representative, the politician has made a comeback on social media by posting a video of herself dancing to the song “nimenona,” which means “I am fat” in Swahili. The video has elicited mixed reactions from the public, with some people praising her for standing up to body shaming while others criticized her for inappropriate dancing.

Despite the criticism, Omanga remained unfazed and did not let the negative comments bother her. In fact, she responded to the controversy by joking about it and expressing her interest to meet the comedian who mimicked her dance moves.

Omanga’s case is not unique, as body shaming has become a common issue in today’s society. Even celebrities like Nadia have been victims of body shaming, as she was mocked for her stage outfit during her first post-pregnancy live show back in July.

Body shaming is a harmful behavior that can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem and mental health. It is a form of bullying that can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. It is important for people to understand the consequences of their actions and words and to refrain from engaging in body shaming behaviors.

Instead of shaming people for their body size or shape, we should celebrate diversity and promote body positivity. Every person is unique, and we should embrace our differences and learn to love ourselves the way we are. We should encourage people to be confident in their own skin and to focus on their inner qualities rather than their outward appearance.

In conclusion, Millicent Omanga’s recent social media comeback and the controversy surrounding her dancing style highlights the issue of body shaming in our society. It is important for us to promote body positivity and celebrate diversity to prevent harmful behaviors such as body shaming. We should encourage people to love themselves for who they are and not let negative comments affect their self-esteem and mental health.

Watch Millicent Omanga Viral video

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