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Watch: Oxlade Tape Video Leaked Online😍

By sharing his clip on Snapchat, the multi-talented Nigerian singer startled the internet. Online responses varied since nobody was sure if it was deliberate or not. A mysterious woman who took part in the shocking intercourse video with Oxlade uploaded an earlier video to her TikTok account in which she teased who she would be having intercourse with and included his images.

As seen by the video, Oxlade purposefully made the recording. Since then, Nigerians have vented their anger on social media about the Oxlade tape leak, which appeared online on Wednesday.

What is the Oxlade tape controversy?

Online reports claim that a Snapchat video of singer Oxlade having sex with an unnamed woman emerged.

The films have elicited a range of responses from fans, some of whom have praised the musician for his sex skills while others have condemned him and demanded that he be treated like Tiwa Savage was when she was blackmailed.

Oxlade apologised alongside his supporters:

On Saturday night, Oxlade apologised on his Twitter and Instagram accounts after the audio was revealed on Wednesday.

He expressed regret for knowingly disseminating such material because he would never do such a thing. After implying that he had been betrayed by the person or people who released the video, he apologised to the woman in the tape as well as to his “fans and well-wishers.”

As a small business owner, he said, I am aware that my company is in the public light, and I am not the kind to push my own brand in a direct manner. There are genuine betrayals, and in keeping with that, I apologise to my followers and well-wishers as well as to the woman in the video who did not deserve such exposure.

Watch Oxlade Tape Video Leaked Online

Link– https://bit.ly/3Gi1GAE




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