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Watch: Pokimane Spen Shirt Video Leaked on Twitter😍

Below, view the Pokimane Open Shirt Video that was leaked on Twitter. During a Twitch stream this week, Pokimane experienced a wardrobe malfunction that went viral. The broadcaster’s shirt popped open during her live Twitch stream, which was embarrassing. The spectators were quickly drawn in by her clothing mishap as well.

We will share a video of a pokimane open shirt along with some other information in this article.

Pokimane: who is he?

The most often played video game by this 26-year-old Moroccan-Canadian Twitch broadcaster is League of Legends. She goes by the name Imane Anys in real life. She runs a YouTube channel and shares videos there about the issues she encounters on a daily basis and how she deals with them. On her channel, she has more than 6.6 million subscribers.

Pokimane gained notoriety this week for her irresponsible online nip slip, for which she was presumably suspended from Twitch.

Pokimane Deals With a Wardrobe Issue – What exactly took place?

On Tuesday, November 15, Pokimane was live-streaming on Twitch when an unfortunate wardrobe mishap occurred. She was dressed in a revealing purple and orange top with a tie at the front while playing Overwatch 2. She stepped into the stream for a brief moment to get away from her computer. She briefly moved into the stream to take a brief break from her computer because her eyes were firmly set on the stream. She took off her shirt, came back with part of her chest showing, and found some of it unzipped.

Watch Pokimane Spen Shirt Video Leaked on Twitter

Link- https://bit.ly/3hWdRsU




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