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Watch: Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video

Actress Rabi Pirzada, formerly of Lollywood, made the decision to follow religion instead of pursuing a career in show business. She was severely mocked as a result of a video that was leaked earlier this year. Rai, however, made the right decision after the footage of her surfaced and hunkered down to avoid being photographed again. For the most recent developments, visit our website at Snewshub.com!

Many people agreed with her decision, but many others also made fun of her. She recently participated in an interview where she revealed some details regarding the video leak and provided an explanation for it. Keep checking back as we go into great detail regarding Rabi’s leak and her life. Rabi, who had severed all ties with the sector, has returned to

Limelight after she recently participated in an interview. She accepted an invitation to the Nadie Ali 3 podcast and there she made the decision to speak candidly about the stolen video that quickly became popular online. A private tape of Rabi went viral on the internet and it came out that her family was behind it. Yes, Rabi revealed that everything that happened earlier was because of her family. Ali during the interview/ podcast.

Who Is Rabi Pirzada?

Asked Rabi about the backlash that’s eh faced during the time when her private video
went viral all over the internet and how she coped with the hatred that she faced. In
reply, Rabi said that everything that happened was because of her family, but it did not –
create any problems between them. Rabi termed that incident as a tragedy of her life and
said that she wanted to discuss further it.

Wiki, Biography, & Age of Rabi Pirzada

She suffers only because of some views and likes. According to Rabi, it caused her so much pain and rage that she cursed the people who were in front of the holy Kaba. She also left and stopped using the social media sites, where she had been active for a long time and was frequently seen. Additionally, Rabi revealed that throughout the time when she was being teased and made fun of,

She used to be devastated by how people would make fun of her for a few likes. She would pray and complain about it to God, and it would help. She admitted that everything that had happened in her life had been predetermined by fate and had occurred for her own benefit. In her videos, Rabi said that despite the jokes, she stayed close to God, which was helpful to her.

Even though she made an effort to avoid social media at the time, she was more connected to God than anything else. Because of that video, she gave up her job and her careers as a singer and actress. However, as she grew more interested in spiritual matters, she abandoned everything. As she is now closer to god, Rabi continued, she believes that this happened for her benefit.




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