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Who Is Ava Majury? Her Terrifying Stalker Storry Explained

This week, TikTok star Ava Majury hit headlines after she spoke to The NY Times. It is about her terrifying experience with internet fame. One of the popular newspaper giant posted a feature on 17th February, Thursday titled: “TikTok star Ava Majury Discovers the Dark Side of Fame”. In it, Ava and her family discussed the horrific moment a stalker entered their home with a gun after following her online. Let’s know more about Tiktok star Ava Majury.


Ava Majury may be a 15 year old TikTok star from Florida. She was just 13 when she join the platform and she quickly engaged 1.2 million followers. She used to creates dance, lip-sync and challenge video content. After that she gains total over 57 millio likes on her videos. Ava is additionally big on Instagram, where she has 302,000 followers, and launched a YouTube channel in 2021.

Recently Happened Terrifying Incident Of Stalker Explained

Ava recently told the the popular Apple Times a few terrifying experience she had that taught her about the dark side of internet fame. Not long after joining TikTok, a friend called EricJustin111 began stalking her.

He started messaging her on all her social media platform, after the Tiktok comments. She later learned that her friends in New Jersey and Florida had been selling him photos of her and giving out her personal information, including her signaling. He got frustrated after receiving lots of bad messages. Then he turn up at her home and family with a shotgun. He blasted her bedroom door. She said that, she remember that she heard heard the blast. The blast sound felt in her chest and she saw a hole in her bedroom door. He was chased off by Ava’s father who may be a retired peace officer, but he returned to the house again where he was shot by her father in self-defense.

She Decided To Stay On Social Media

Despite the haunting experience, Ava remains on social media. According to The the big apple Times, she has withdrawn from school and a petition has been filed. Seeking an injunction for cover against stalking. However, she is not going to delete her social media accounts. As her father said that no one sick individual can force her to delete the social media accounts. He states, She is trying to bring awareness to all. There is no need to prevent her from it, because of them.




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